Cornish Perspectives

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I can hardly believe I've been a Cornish resident for just over a year now. So much has gone on that it's been difficult to keep track of the days. Yet a camera always marks a place in time and looking through my images, I can see just how the months have flown. So now Winter is passing and it's it's all coming around again. The season's are back to where we came in last year. The buds are showing on the trees and the lanes are glowing with daffodils. Somewhat flying in the face of what my friends in London think, we haven't been smashed into a muddy pulp by the storms! The media coverage really over-egged the damage. OK the rail line got hit and a few places that were right on the high tide line got a battering, but now you'd never know anything has happened. The beaches are back to being gold after having the sand stripped away and once again, they look stunning. Speaking to a local campsite owner, he said his Easter bookings were down by 55% on last year so it looks like everyone is thinking like my friends. Well don't be put off! Cornwall is looking marvellous and with hardly anyone around, it's great for Seascape photography.

This morning I took a walk down the lane to the beach. Seagulls wheeled overhead and bleak ranks of grey waves marched over the beach, kicking up spray that covered my filtered lens immediately. With cloth in hand, I took a few moody shots and then paced out across to the far side of the Crantock Bay without seeing a soul. As I sat on a rock, flicking through the images I'd taken this morning and realised I've never been happier in my life. My name's getting around in Cornish commercial circles, so there's a healthy looking work-flow beginning to stream through my design and marketing business, while my Seascape Workshop on-line ads are drawing an encouraging response. Bookings are being confirmed and I've even had my first returning clients! We had a really good time last week and though the conditions were fairly challenging weather-wise, they went away thoroughly enamoured with Cornwall and the new set of shots on their laptops. Starting this month I've put some ads into Outdoor Photography, Digital SLR Photography, Digital Camera and Canon Photo Plus magazines to see if this draws any interest while Cornwall Today magazine are sending reporter over to do an article on my Workshops so hopefully things will really get going.

I have a number of Workshops scheduled in the coming months, but I am especially looking forward to July, when a Mother and Daughter are arriving. Nothing special in that per-se, but when I mention that one is a vegetarian while the other is a vegan and previous Workshop clients will understand just what a change this represents. For I have a good friend who supplies some of the best Cornish beef and lamb you can get your hands on. This means supper is usually a very 'meaty' event. However, for a week in July, fillet steaks, casseroles and slow roast shanks will be on hold and a whole new menu created. In truth I can't wait! It's exciting stuff and I'm already in touch with them regarding what their favourite dishes are.

As for extending my own photography, I've made some good business contacts. I was commissioned to create a brochure for a leading South West based property company last year. Combining lots of landscape photography with copywriting, design and printing it was a superb project to work on. So when they got back in touch a couple of weeks back with an ongoing brief, that all going well, will keep me busy for the next six months. So, all's good, I'm pushing my name out there and keeping my fingers crossed as I keep trying to extend my Cornish perspectives.