Cornish horizon

So it's in the bag! After a year of broken dreams and hair-pulling frustration, we've finally exchanged contracts and are on the move to Cornwall.

It's a big decision and one that's been really difficult to make in terms of both my family and business commitments. Yet when my darling Sam moved up from Truro to Essex to be with me, it was with the agreement that we'd be moving back to Cornwall within five years.

Ten years later, and she has been an absolute star.

Although it's been hard sometimes, never once has she complained or demanded the move back home. In truth, I know she has really enjoyed her time up here. Being out-going and vivacious, she has relished being close to London's 'bright lights' and has made some great friends in both her business and social life. I know that leaving them behind is going to tug at the strings of her huge, adorable heart.

As for me, those extra five years has made a big difference. Rather than being in their early and mid-teens and wondering where their Dad's gone, my kids have grown up and are now more than happy to see the old man setting up a 'hotel' for them and their friends to drop into whenever they see fit. Being just a few short miles away from the nightspots of Newquay is a big draw for them.

Business-wise I've also had the chance to establish my sea & landscape photography while refining my design and marketing offering to suit a more concentrated marketplace. My intention is to maintain my existing contracts while creating new business contacts in the South West. At the same time I will be working toward trying to open new outlets for my photography and displaying my new picture formats - such as the eight-colour print direct onto glass that looks stunning. For as much as I love the internet's incredible reach and interactivity, the medium really can't display the true impact of my imagery and let it be viewed as it should be.
And that is up large!
And this is really frustrating.
So I've been approached by a couple of galleries who want to show my work and I'm more than happy about this prospect. Hopefully, in getting my large format work into public view, I will be able to move on to the next level of building a 'name'.

That does not mean I will be turning my back on my 'electronic marketplace' and my contacts. Quite the opposite in fact. What I hope to do is underpin what I've set up so far, by posting daily images from my new adventures in my life 'down south'. In being right on Cornwall's Atlantic coast, my intention is to post a new image after every successful shoot. And I will be going out each day and trying to capture a little of the essence of the awesome location that has been calling to me for over thirty-five years.

To say I'm excited would be a huge understatement. Next Friday sees the start of a new life and I hope that you will come along with me and keep in touch with all that's going on.