Ardtornish Day 24

Last night the heavens opened and it hasn't stopped raining since. I got up early, looked out the bunkhouse window and went back to bed. Under low, leaden skies the rain is heavy with slush and down on the coast and up in the hills it's being driven in by a wind that is intent on tormenting photographers. Even under my large fishing brolly and with a lens hood in place, the camera's lens is constantly getting spotted.

We walked five miles this morning and drove a 70 mile circuitous loop through glen, mountain pass and coastal road and saw nothing to coax me out of the car. The cloud is so low that even hilltops are obscured and the light is dull and murky. So I decided to head back and take some time to go through the 24 folders on my desktop that includes some textural and wildlife shots I took with the telephoto lens. One folder for each day we've been able to shoot is not bad going. Who'd have thought we'd get that sort of result when planning a trip to the Highlands in January?

I've spoken with the management of the Sand Mine and we're going there on Monday morning to take some shots. It's more out of interest rather than taking images for the 'Highland Winter' landscapes project. Miners excavate extremely fine, white sand (for industrial needs) by blasting seams running deep under the hills surrounding Loch Aline. I'd like to go down there in the warren of tunnels and see what I can achieve in a no light/arc lighting situation.