Ardtornish Day 19

Even though we haven’t had snow, the temperature’s been way down below freezing. With clear nights and a strong, bitter wind, the ground has iced-up and been ‘blown dried’. This has made getting around the glen a lot easier. For instead of sploshing around up to our ankles in mud and struggling to make headway across land that often has no clear pathway to follow, we can now walk over the frozen bogs, from icy clump to icy clump and make good time - although Al did have a bit of a ‘Bolero’ moment on an iced puddle that Torville & Dean would have been proud of!

With the conditions underfoot in mind, I suggested we take the day to walk the length of Gleann Dubh, the powerfully dark and handsome glen that Crosben bothy resides in, and see what we could come across.

The sky was tricky with low, flat cloud obscuring distant mountain features, so I only had a few opportunities to shoot today. However, I did have a good dawn session down on the Black Water - the river that winds through Gleann Dubh – and managed to get some nice moody shots. These alongside a fabulous walk, in which the two Sea Eagles appeared and we saw over 100 deer - and some old mine workings that offered some interesting images - it has been a good day.

We’re being picked-up by Robbie tomorrow (Monday) morning, so we’ll probably spend the rest of the day doing washing and sorting out a bag of clothes and my camera gear as we’re going to head off inland for a couple of days in search of the snow that apparently fallen everywhere but here!