Ardtornish Day 18

So after finishing last night’s blog, we had dinner, I sat down with my book for a few hours and then turned in. Yet my thick 5 season sleeping bag doesn’t go too well in ‘AL’s Highland Sauna’ and I woke up half and hour later drenched in sweat and trying to unzip the bag and kick my legs out to cool down. It was -6°C outside!

Let’s just say I did not have a good night. When the alarm went off, I felt as though I’d spent the night in a tropical rain forest. So I had a quick word with the stoker and suggested we should keep it down to 20°C from now on. That said, I picked up the camera gear, donned my thermal gear and went out to shoot the dawn.

Maybe it was an uninspiring sunrise, or maybe it was the fatigued photographer but I couldn’t find anything really worthwhile to work with. I felt clammy and in desperate need of a shower, so after breakfast, I suggested we take a walk down the glen, see what we can see on the way, pick up the car and head back for a shower at the bunkhouse. On the way down, as we threw sticks for Charlie and talked aloud about politics, we saw two stags up as close as we’d seen in the past two weeks. Perhaps it was because we were the other side of a small gulley and they didn’t feel threatened, or maybe they wanted to second my opinion that Ed Milliband is a tit, either way they hung around and let me get some shots.

Later on, after returning to Crosben, I took the cameras out to shoot the twilight from a perched position overlooking the glen. Refreshed and re-inspired, I watched a magnificent sunset play-out over the mountains of Mull and the superb Ardtornish surrounds.

With the sun gone, so the breeze dropped and only the trickling of a tiny stream provided the sound-track to an utterly beautiful scene. We hear that most of the country is snow-bound, yet here, out of the wind, it has been sunshine from dawn till just before dusk, when some cloud cover came over at just the right time to add texture to my shots. Maybe we’ve been lucky but, while the snow hasn’t dropped on Gleann Dubh, we’ve had incredibly good weather so far. According to the lady in the post office “Ye’ll nay be see’in snow in Ardtornish wee fella!” and you know, I don’t really care. For if this is winter in Ardtornish, it’s a great time of year to visit.