Ardtornish Day 14

With the weather looking good, I decided to try to secure the six-wheeler for the trip up to Crosben with the team at Ardtornish Estate. This is the remote bothy tucked away on a distant glen, that would be great to shoot if the weather is right, which looks OK for the end of the week.

Therefore I decided to head over to Mull, to see what this Island of the Inner Hebrides had to offer. Just a twenty minute ferry ride from Ardtornish and the mainland, Mull is a substantial island that we took 111 miles to circumnavigate. But what a day!

We landed before dawn and first stop was Fishnish where I could look across the Sound of Mull and see where we stayed at Inninmore on the opposite side. Walking to the rocks, I was met by a female otter and a gaggle of immigrant geese that were not overly put out by my imposition. They moved away but not without giving me a good look at them.

As for the photography, it was a really good day. I have so many images in my files that I really need time to work them up but I really wanted to get some posted for you to have a look at.

As I said, we pretty much went around right the way around Mull and on our journey, we picked up a 73 yr old hitch-hiking mountaineer who told us a few things about the landscape and the fact that deer eat their own antlers - unless they reside in a sandstone area - because they need the calcium. Perhaps that's hwy we haven't come across any 'handlebars' lying around as I had expected!

Anyway, please excuse the short blog tonight becuase we've got dinner on and, while I put Allen in charge, I can smell burning! So let me close in saying we're off for a trek up into the high peaks tomorrow so do be sure to check out the new images tomorrow.

Thanks for following and please send the linkl to your friends and get them up to date with my Highland Winter.

NB.Please excuse any poor grammer and typos but the smoke is thickening!!!!