Ardtornish Day 10

When I announced we were taking the kayak around to Inninmore, Chris the skipper said in a lofted way “Oh…? Aye well I suppose you’ll be alright... if you go in an hour before until and hour after low tide.”
“Are the currents strong here then?” I enquired.
“Oh yeah, some of the strongest in the British Isles”.

Day 10 saw me awake and thinking about donning a wet suit and going off in the kayak. There’s a small island that I’d love to go and explore and it would give some fantastic views up and down the Sound of Mull. However, Charlie hadn’t exactly taken to a boat like a duck to water, so I couldn’t see him wanting to come for a paddle and Allen, understandably, wouldn’t want to leave him. So weighing things up, I decided to wait until we go over to Mull. There I can paddle around in the big sea lochs lining the shore to my heart's content, without the risk of spoiling Prince Andrew’s tea and featuring in the next series of Highland Rescue!

That decided, added to the rain and flat grey skies, after I got a few long exposure shots first thing, we agreed to go about cutting some wood from a fallen tree over the stream just up the hill aways.

OK, so I forgot to pack a chain saw! The nice people who look after Inninmore have one sharp bow saw and a lot of others that proved as dull as the overhead sky. So guess which one I didn’t have! Allen was getting through branches like a beaver, whereas I was more turning puce as I sweated in struggling with severing limp twigs. After a while however we had replenished our stocks again with enough logs for the coming night without having to touch the woodshed's stocks. After all, it would be a little rum to take the kind people’s hospitality of letting us use the bothy, and then heat it with their firewood that they’d no doubt cut with the same saws!

So as the weather conditions failed to do anything spectacular, just keeping me in photo-limbo. I decided to head off for the rocks armed with a camera and a fishing rod and passed a most wonderful afternoon swapping between the two. If there’s a place to while-away an afternoon, not catching fish, or seeing a spectacular sunset, but being perfectly content, I found it at Inninmore Bay.

So I will leave here tomorrow morning with some good shots of this wonderful location and the hope that the forecasters may be right for the coming week and the next leg of my Highland Winter adventure.