Ardtornish Day 6

The dawn was concealed by low cloud and drizzle again today so I decided to have a look at a nearby waterfall for inspiration. Huddled under the brolly and ‘painting’ the foreground with a torch to add colour and definition, I managed to get quite a nice set of shots. Thereafter, with murky flat cloud cover, we decided to take a road trip up to the Point of Ardnamurchan, the westernmost part of the mainland UK. The scenery was dark, broody and spectacular. The winter colouring is matched in the winter coats of the deer and they blend in incredibly well. We were almost upon a group of juvenile stags before they moved and we spotted them just a few metres from the roadside.

We stopped for lunch on a small rocky estuary close to Glenborrodale and here the sea lochs are dotted with small islets and bays. The weather was causing problems as on-shore wind was driving specks of mizzle onto the front-of-lens filters I use to add definition and ‘hold’ the sky. Through gritted teeth and bloody-minded determination I managed a few more shots before the light levels dropped and we decided to head back to the bunkhouse. You can see a couple of today’s shots in the ‘Highland Winter’ gallery in the Portfolio section.

As for tomorrow, the weather forecast is looking good and we’re hoping for a much brighter afternoon. We’ve decided to take a trek up into the remote mountains behind Loch Aline to see if we can spot the Sea Eagles again, so we will set off before dawn and keep to the shadows and sheltered paths as the light increases. I don’t have a long telephoto lens so close-up shots are not likely but I will be happy to get a good look at the magnificent creatures.

Hopefully the weather will have cleared for the afternoon and I can get some shots of a ruined castle we came across up the coastline that looks over the Sound of Mull. Looking ahead the signs are that a cold front is on the way so maybe the cold weather gear will be getting an outing soon!