Ardtornish Day 5

The alarm went off at 5.30am this morning and I was ready for the off right away. It gets dark so early that there’s nothing else to do after supper so we turned-in by 10.00pm. Therefore I had over seven hours of a very comfortable night’s sleep. With the bothy trial run behind us, Al started to pack away the gear and I prepared to shoot the dawn.

And what a dawn it proved to be. Because of the latitude the rising sun takes a good 45 minutes to rise, giving a host of lighting scenarios and photo opportunities. The dark sky that was first smudged a dull red began to intensify and proceeded to lighten as the wind picked up and clouds broke to present a magnificent sunrise.

However, red sky at morning indeed proved to be ‘Shepherd’s warning’ and a dense mountain-consuming cloud descended and it’s been pouring for the most of the day. Not to worry though because we’ve been off reconnoitring new locations before coming back to the bunkhouse and giving me time to back-up my shots, work on a few to post to the website and get up-to-date with the blogs.

Tomorrow will see us preparing a day out based on tonight’s weather forecast. I’d like to take the ferry over to Mull to check for locations if the weather’s not going to be good. However, if it’s going to be fine, I’d like to head up into the mountains and see what’s going on up there. The weather forecast says it’s going to be turning colder so I’m keeping my thermal-gloved fingers crossed!

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