Ardtornish Day 1

Happy New Year and all that! I hope this blog finds you well fed (and no doubt well fed-up) with the seasonal excesses. So to cut through the 630 mile journey and the awful weather, let's start off with the news that all's well and we have arrived at Ardtornish in good order. Charlie slept most of the way up and after a short run around at Loch Lomond, was happy to get back in the car and finish off the last few hours of the drive looking out the window at the magnificent scenery.

The clouded, wintry mountains are a pale green streaked with gold and burned russet of wintering heather and dead bracken. The streams are filled to overflowing and after days of rain, every mountainside is striped with foaming white cascades pouring from their crests. I've never seen Scotland in Winter and I'm hoping for much more to come.

We didn't arrive at the bunkhouse until after dusk and we had to unpack the gear so no chance to get the camera out today. However, I've got the rain-covers at the ready so please come back tomorrow evening and see what's been going on.